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I am a former bulimic, an infertility participant, a woman who has lost both parents, a former teacher, and an "empty nester".  Through these life events, I have come to a life changing revelation.  We are each here for a purpose.   You are here for a reason!  I have seen how easily life can leave us and how easily life could not even start.  I know that you have a particular set of talents and skills that you are supposed to be sharing with the world.  If this was not the case, you would not be here.  I want to help you get past your insecurities or lack of confidence and help you achieve the goals you are meant to achieve. 


Follow your dreams

Let the Real You Take the Stage!

Fear, or rather FEAR, is the real reason why most of us are not living the life we are longing to live.  How wonderful would it be to let that fear go?  I am here to help you triumph over your fear and become the lead in your own life.  What are waiting for?  Let the journey begin!


Module 1 - What Happened?


  • CNS-Coaching Confidence - What Happened? FREE PREVIEW
  • Module 1 - What Happened Worksheet FREE PREVIEW

Module 2 - Bird's Eye View


  • CNS-Coaching Confidence - Bird's Eye View FREE PREVIEW
  • Module 2 - Bird's Eye View Worksheet FREE PREVIEW

Module 3 - No More HATE Mail


  • CNS-Coaching Confidence - No More HATE Mail! FREE PREVIEW
  • Module 3 - No More Hate Mail Worksheet FREE PREVIEW

Module 4 - Let Judge Judy Retire!


  • CNS- Coaching Confidence - Let Judge Judy Retire! FREE PREVIEW
  • Module 4 - Let Judge Judy Retire Worksheet FREE PREVIEW

Module 5 - Attitude of Gratitude


  • Module 5 - Attitude of Gratitude FREE PREVIEW
  • CNS Lesson 5 - Gratitude FREE PREVIEW

About Your Instructor

Chris Scantland

Chris Scantland


I am a certified professional coach trained through IPEC, Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching.  I had years of coaching prior to receiving my professional training since I was a public school teacher.  I taught fifteen years at the high school level, six years at the middle school level, and am now working with college students.  I am currently a student teacher supervisor for Kent State University and an active member of the Cuyahoga Falls Chamber of Commerce.  I have over seventy hours of coaching under my belt and I love helping people realize their full potential.  I want you to have the courage to face your fears and realize your dreams.


Locate Your Confidence "Sucker" (if you don't already know)

Gain the Bird's Eye Perspective

Stop the Negative Self-Talk

Attitude of Gratitude

Stop the Judgement


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